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LinkedIn Live Taken For Test Drive In Rockland County


By Brian Wallace

Level Up Your Networking Game

LinkedIn, once the stale social network you uploaded your resume to and forgot about, is now the platform those anyone who wants to build a serious  business network. Now there’s a new feature set to revolutionize LinkedIn, and a few Rockland County business leaders had a chance to take it for a test drive recently.

LinkedIn Local Takes Root In Rockland County

Last winter a group of business leaders met up for the inaugural LinkedIn Local event in Rockland County. Since then there have been several more meetups where business leaders have had the chance to meet people from their online networks offline and in person. During these networking events participants have an opportunity to have their LinkedIn profiles critiqued by experts and learn tips on maximizing LinkedIn use for business. Earlier this month LinkedIn Local attendees also had the opportunity to participate in history.

LinkedIn Live Video In Beta, Tested In Rockland County

LinkedIn has had a video posting option for quite some time, but true live video is just now being rolled out in Beta. There are maybe a few hundred beta testers worldwide and the program is currently invite-only, which makes possibly the first livestream in Rockland County a pretty big deal.

The topic of the livestream was LinkedIn profile critiques and tips and it took place during LinkedIn Local, which has now become a staple in the Rockland County business community. You can view that video here and get tips on making your LinkedIn profile stand out from the crowd.

If you want to get LinkedIn Live, you’re going to have to wait — no word yet on when it will roll out to the general public, but you can apply for consideration to become a beta tester. You’d better be ready to roll out some high quality video — LinkedIn is partnering with live video platforms such as Switcher Studio with expectations of high quality, professional-looking content.

Why LinkedIn Matters

Most people still don’t see value in LinkedIn, but why? When LinkedIn first rolled out it was just seen as a place where you would post your resume and look for jobs every once in a while. No one really posted anything of substance until a couple of years ago when a few people started to realize the potential of this forgotten social media platform.

Now LinkedIn is widely regarded as the best place to showcase your talent, find new clients, and build your network. A growing number of people are posting daily and interacting with people they never would have had an opportunity to otherwise. The power LinkedIn brings to your business and your network is indisputable — it gets you out of your local network and into a global mindset.