Bone Up On LinkedIn For Networking Success


Global #LinkedInLocal Movement Comes to Rockland County

By Brian Wallace

Brian WallaceMore than 80 networkers gathered in late December at a LinkedInLocal event, organized by Jacob Busani and Jake Rosenberg of The Power Entrepreneur. Attendees listened to tips and topics about LinkedIn from a panel that included Brian Wallace (NowSourcing), Matt Sweetwood (Leader of the Pack), and Christine Gritmon (Christine Gritmon, Inc). Ari Zoldan (Quantum Networks) moderated the panel – a crash course on how to get the most out of LinkedIn networking, interacting with connections, and standing out among the crowd. Those in attendance came away with thoughtful insights. For those who were unable to make it, here’s a recap.

Make your LinkedIn Profile as clear, complete, and incredible as possible.

There are many areas of the LinkedIn profile that are the difference between someone adding you or not that need careful attention: a professional headshot, background image, byline, and summary.  When you do start to make content that receives a lot of attention, many people – including those that will want to hire you and do business with you – will track back to your profile.

Be good at something – and be succinct so it’s memorable.

A lot of people are professional noisemakers online.  If you “go viral” but don’t have something actionable and nobody knows what you do for a living, how are you going to get hired?

Create regular, original content.

If all you do is link to external content, you’re entirely missing the point.  LinkedIn wants you to keep people on the platform!

Make sure to utilize a strategy of diversity of thought (posting about different subject matter) and diversity of format (short form text, long form posts, images, video, and document sharing).


Now that you have everything working together as a building sphere of influence, remember that you’re not alone in a bubble.  Make sure to engage with people that are engaging with your content – you’re not too important to thank people for their comments.  Also make sure to engage and support other people that you enjoy their content.

Go to #LinkedInLocal Events.

LinkedInLocal recently had its 1 year anniversary – over 100,000 people have attended events in over 600 cities! People that support this user-based movement are interested in supporting the global scene, so you’ll get a lot of connections you might never have thought possible.  It’s a great way to have your IRL and online worlds collide.

Inspired by the global powerhouse LinkedIn Local movement, spearheaded by Anna McAfee halfway across the world in Australia. Just 15 people showed up for the first meeting, but it sparked a grassroots movement that would grow to include more than 100,000 members and 1,000 hosts all over the world.

This was the 2nd LinkedInLocal in the Monsey area and Jacob and Jake plan on having several new events in the area soon.