Social Media Stocking Stuffers For 2020 Strategies

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Tips for staying ahead of the game in 2020

Because TikTok is still such a young app, many marketers might be wondering, “Is getting on this app even worth it?

TikTok’s brands have done a great job of using it for brand awareness rather than generating traffic or leads. They’re also using it to engage younger audiences and show off a lighter side of themselves through funny videos, challenges, and other strategies specific to the platform.

These strategies only work on THIS platform.   If you aren’t using this app, you will be missing out on new ways to market your business.

I am on the beta team, testing out creating ads on this platform, in 2020, this is the app to be on!

Instagram is an entirely different audience and you need to post material/content that is prevalent for the platform.    Now, some material you use on TikTok can be used for an Instagram story but on a whole, TikTok should have its own exclusive content.

Instagram is probably not the platform most people would think of first for lead generation. The reason it works is that Instagram is so good at driving high-quality traffic.  You’re more likely to get a high-quality conversion, which is how you get people to sign up for webinars or registrations, do the downloads, get on your email list, and so on. You get those high-level conversions from a platform like Instagram.

Here’s some creative content that you can focus on now that Instagram will become the leader for marketing your business:

1) Quizzes and puzzles make people stop in their tracks and think for a minute. If you also succeed in tapping into your audience’s emotions, people will be more inclined to share the puzzles with their own networks. This generates engagement and provides interesting feedback for you.

2) Engage your audience on Instagram with a mind-bender in which your audience has to find hidden emojis.

3) Generally, an Instagram challenge is when you choose a theme and ask your Instagram followers to share photos based on ideas that stem from that theme. The challenge may require participants to post photos daily, weekly, or monthly and the announcement is made in advance.

4) Instagram puts Stories right up at the top when you open Instagram. When an account you’re following creates a story, it shows up at the front of your Stories, as do those you watch most frequently. Many users are just hanging out in Stories, foregoing the feed entirely. However, the fact that your story is at the top of the feed as people scroll, even if they don’t watch it, is a great opportunity for your brand to be top of mind. These are light-hearted, how to’s, getting to know your company, type posts.

These work on Instagram… not Facebook. Facebook is a different platform that needs content that is created for this targeted audience.

Also note that:

Instagram Announced New Tools to Help Creators Start Their Own IGTV Series: Now that Instagram supports video series content on its long-form IGTV format, Instagram rolled out a new tool that enables creators to start their own series.

In addition, creators using the IGTV series tool can give fans the option to turn on notifications that alert them when new episodes are available for viewing.

Instagram is reportedly testing a new Stories sticker option that is aimed at facilitating event participation. Instagram’s Event Story stickers, appear to allow users “to add details of your upcoming event – including title, date, and location” and directly RSVP within the Story.

Instagram also appears to be testing a new process for categorizing your “Following” list into both topic categories or based on individual engagement activity. The idea is to help users better manage what content appears in their main feed.