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email sponsorshipSponsor our email blasts – Rockland County Business Journal (RCBJ) sends daily email blasts to a targeted audience of business owners and professionals. There are blasts describing the expertise of our columnists, blasts of breaking news, and blasts for weekly stories. RCBJ’s current and ever-growing mailing list includes almost 6,000 recipients. Our open rates generally exceed 30% (approximately 1,800 recipients) and have reached over 40% (approximately 2,400 recipients) on breaking news items. Our click rates generally exceed 10% and have approached 20%. Unique users on our site are 79,000 per month, and page views from unique users are approximately 92,000 per month. We track our analytics daily and provide updated information as it becomes available.

2020 New Media Kit

Download our 2020 Media Guide and Partnership Kit, and call Rick Tannenbaum, Advertising Director, 917-689-1799 or email him at rick@rcbizjournal.com.