Make Your Audience Stop Scrolling And Pay Attention


By Stephanie Dolce

For brands, organic reach across social media channels is crucial for growth. Organic reach on social media is how well your posts perform without having to pay for ads. With algorithm changes at Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, unique content is becoming even more important to make your brand pop and to get customers to engage with you, each other, and your platform.

sassy productionsIf you’re simply pumping out poor quality content, people won’t stop to look at it, click-through, or call. And even if you boost that same poor content with paid ads, customers still won’t be interested.

The most important key to your social media success is going back to basics and focusing on creating really good quality content, which will perform well organically.

Here are four tips for better engagement:

Find The Time Your Audience Is On

No matter what platform you are using, the time of day you post content matters almost as much as the content itself.  For example, If you post an important update at 10pm and your audience is offline, when they get on the next morning, your content is already lost in the timeline and missed. Learning when your audience engages is key to reaching them.

Make Sure Your Images and Videos Are Attractive

Having visually appealing content is essential to standing out on crowded News Feeds and Timelines.  Take your own photos instead of using stock photos. Don’t rip images you find on Google.  You want your brand to look legit, authentic, and real.  If you can invest in a camera, that is the best bet. I know we all have phones that take pictures and have filters, but the quality of your image is what makes people stop on their feeds and read your content.  When it comes to video, the most important thing to remember is that cameras pick up every sound. Be aware of this, and if you’re making a lot videos, invest in a wireless mic.

Make Your Audience Feel Something

You should never beg for reactions from your followers—but you should inspire your followers to react. There’s no rule book for this. Sometimes it’s a phrase. Sometimes it’s a picture. Sometimes an effusive reaction is the result of posing a question. Think about what makes you stop scrolling and engage, and most likely your clients will be of similar mind.

Yes, You can Repurpose Content

If you have content that got a lot of reach and engagement in the past, there’s a good chance it will work again. Also, did you know that if you had content that didn’t get massive reach when shared, it might still be engaging second time around? This is simply because maybe when you posted it the first time you didn’t know when your audience was on, or even your copy was catchy. Repurposing content is okay to do and it’s what every business does. You don’t always need fresh content, but you do need fresh copy.