Suez Site Plan West Nyack

Suez To Relocate HQ To Tilcon Site Near Lake DeForest

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Application To Be Heard At Clarkstown Planning Board Meeting May 8th

Suez New York is planning to relocate its headquarters to the former Tilcon site on the eastern side of Old Mill Road in West Nyack. The water company is headed to Clarkstown planning board on May 8th for a public hearing.

The plan calls for using the existing building for offices for construction staff, management, and customer service employees. But Suez wants to add a 60,000 square-foot storage yard with a 10,400 square-foot building that will be used to park its fleet of vehicles and store materials needed to maintain their water system including pipes, hydrants, valves, etc. The new building will contain an office and a bathroom.

Suez wants to lease the property from Tilcon, which will consolidate its operations at its Haverstraw location.

The plan would involve creating 48 new parking spaces for a total of 141 in the parking lots to the east and south of the existing building. More than 7 acres, or 305,000 square-feet of land-disturbance, primarily paving and the building of the new structure, will mandate the installation of an extensive storm-water management system. The site lies within a few hundred feet of Lake DeForest, the county’s primary source for drinking water.

Also, Suez wants to locate two above-ground fuel storage tanks for 8,000 gallons of gasoline and 2,000 gallons of diesel for their fleet of trucks and cars to fill up on site.

Suez’s application to build out the property does not require any variances, according to Clarkstown Town Planner Joe Simoes, but the proposed plan is likely to raise concerns with nearby residential neighbors and beyond, as the reservoir is used county-wide.

In addition to planning board approval, Suez will need to obtain Town Board approval in order to perform work on the existing driveway because Old Mill Road is a town-designated historic road.