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The Benefits of a Custom Data Center Provider

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A custom data center provider can offer you benefits that other data center providers cannot. This means that the data center is designed and built specifically to meet your company’s needs and offers a level of customization that is simply not possible with generic data center providers, which design one-size-fits-all solutions. When you work with a custom data center provider like fifteenfortyseven Critical Systems Realty, you can be confident that your data center is designed to handle your specific operational needs and meet your scalability, flexibility, budget, sustainability, and security goals.

Scalability And Flexibility

Two of the biggest benefits of a custom data center are scalability and flexibility. A business can start with a few hundred kilowatts of power and grow to multiple megawatts of power as needed. A custom data center can be designed with the appropriate level of redundancy to reduce downtime, provide UPS and PDUs for backup power, or multiple points of entry for robust connectivity. In addition, custom data centers are cost-effective options to meet mission-critical goals. And for some businesses, a move-in-ready facility can greatly reduce the time to market.

Sustainability Goals

Another benefit of a custom data center is its ability to adhere to specific sustainability goals. Everything from choosing the appropriate renewable resources to an efficient cooling system can reduce the facility’s carbon footprint. Having cooling solutions with exceptional efficiencies that can keep equipment running at optimal temperatures while energy-efficient systems can reduce overall energy expenditures, will reduce costs in the long run.

Geographical Location

A custom data center provider can also help you identify the right geographical location that aligns with your business needs. Thus, allowing enterprises to build their data center in an area that aligns with business parameters, optimal tax environment, proximity to major markets, proximity to customers, and business operation centers. For instance, 1547 Realty strategically located its Orangeburg, New York data center in close proximity to Manhattan to provide customers with competitive low-latency connectivity from several providers to critical New York Metro-area interconnection hubs. The custom Orangeburg data center facility offers ample access to power and offers scalable solutions to support the needs of any critical network.

When you work with 1547 Realty, a custom data center provider, you are also working with experts in the field. At 1547 Realty, our team of specialists possesses unmatched expertise in designing, building, and operating data centers. We work collaboratively with our clients’ design, engineering, and construction teams to deliver a move-in-ready facility on time and within budget. The bottom line is that businesses that choose a custom data center provider enjoy many benefits that simply aren’t available with a traditional data center provider.

With years of experience in developing data centers, 1547 Realty’s knowledgeable professionals can provide you with expert advice on the latest technologies and best practices, from site selection to construction, operations and implementation, helping you build the data center of your dreams.

To learn more about 1547 Realty’s expert team and build-to-suit capabilities, please visit https://1547realty.com/.

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