Newly Launched “Business Of WE” Attracts Business Women From Rockland & Bergen



The Business of WE, a women’s networking group that recently launched a Rockland/Bergen chapter with more than 30 women from a


variety of industries, is gearing up for its second event Tuesday, 6 pm to 9 pm at The Time Hotel in Nyack. Lisa Salvatore, Intuitive Advisor/Soul coach will be presenting “How To Use Your Astrological Blueprint To Fuel Your Passion And Follow Your Dreams.”

Event organizer and publicist Natalie Maniscalco says The Business Of WE is not a typical wine and cheese mixer.  Rather, events are geared toward learning and engagement. Events, hosted by Maniscalco and real estate marketer Irene Zervoudis, kick off with a presentation from a guest speaker, discussing topics from finance, branding, public relations to wellness, spirituality and more.  The next segment is an exercise called the ‘mastermind’, where attendees break into small groups and develop a 30-second business pitch. Finally, attendees share the pitch with the entire group.

Tickets ($35) are available here.