Partner With Small Businesses To Get A Better Bang For Your Buck


#ShopSmallSaturday Triggers Opportunity For Co-Marketing

By Stephanie Dolce

Independent businesses hoping to bolster holiday sales and deepen customer loyalty are gearing up to participate in Small Business Saturday on November 26th, an American Express campaign to promote mom and pop stores.

Small stores are the lifeblood of Main Street. This one-day campaign reminds consumers that small businesses are vital to the health of local economies. The day is also good fun because it fosters a spirit of community and there are, after all, freebies and bargains to be had.

Nothing has amplified the need to shop local and support small businesses more than the coronavirus pandemic, which has put a strain on the American economy.

As a social media guru and social media influencer, I’m here to tell you that collaboration with fellow business owners is critical for the successful marketing of small businesses. Essentially, partnering allows you to double down and get more for your effort because your message amplifies exponentially.

Business owners offering complementary services inadvertently reach new customers; they expand their customer base. They grow their grand. They build new loyalties.

So how do companies join forces to co-promote their goods and services?

One way is to collaborate on social networks.

For example, consider these content ideas for growing your brand:

  • Make a Tiktok video that does double duty on Twitter
  • Use Instagram carousel posts to share mini-gift guides with your audience and feature relevant offerings from your product catalog. Offer ideas tailored for different audiences or budgets to help consumers find the right gift for the person they’re shopping for.
  • Put a clickable link in the description of your IGTV video to get more traffic and drive traffic.

And if you’re looking for partners, your search may just begin here:

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