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Latest Sienna Poll: Yes On Marijuana, Vaccinations, ERA

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Voters on End of Session Agenda: ‘Yes’ on Marijuana (55-40%); ‘No’ on Licenses for Undocumented (41-53%); Overwhelming Support for Vaccinations (84-13%) & NYS ERA (72-17%)

Cuomo Favorability Up to 52-42%, His Best Since March 2018

By 58-37%, Voters Say Cuomo Should Not Seek Fourth Term

As the Legislature rushes to complete its 2019 legislative session, voters support legalizing the recreational use of marijuana, 55-40 percent (up from 52-42 percent in April), eliminating the religious exemption for vaccinating children, 84-13 percent (up from 78-17 percent in April) and adding an Equal Rights Amendment to the State Constitution, 72-17 percent.

Voters continue to oppose allowing undocumented immigrants to get a driver’s license, 53-41 percent (little changed from 55-40 percent opposition in April).

Governor Andrew Cuomo has a 52-42 percent favorability rating (up from 47-48 percent in April), his best rating since March 2018. By a 58-37 percent margin, voters say Cuomo should not run for a fourth term.

“New Yorkers overwhelmingly support legislation requiring parents to vaccinate their children regardless of religious beliefs. More than three-quarters of voters from every party and region support it,” said Siena College pollster Steven Greenberg.

“There is also overwhelming support for amending the State Constitution to add an Equal Rights Amendment. Republicans support the state ERA 56-30 percent, while independents support it 70-17 percent and Democrats approve 82-11 percent. At least 70 percent of voters from every region support it.

“There continues to be support for legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. It has strong support from Democrats and independents, while Republicans oppose it, albeit narrowly, 53-40 percent,” Greenberg said. “Voters under 35 support it 75-23 percent, while voters 55 and older oppose it 54-42 percent.” – more – Siena College Poll – June 10, 2019 – Page 2

“A majority of New Yorkers continues to oppose allowing undocumented immigrants to get New York State drivers’ licenses. Licenses for undocumented immigrants is supported by Democrats as well as black, Latino and younger voters, however, it is overwhelmingly opposed by Republicans. Upstate and downstate suburban voters, white voters and voters 55 and older oppose it, while New York City voters are evenly divided,” Greenberg said.

Cuomo Favorability Bounces Up to Highest Level in More than a Year; Voters Say ‘No’ to 4th Term “Voters give Cuomo his best favorability rating in more than a year. He’s viewed favorably by two-thirds of Democrats and New York City voters. He is close to break-even with independents and downstate suburbanites, and he remains significantly underwater with upstate voters and deep underwater with Republicans,” Greenberg said.

“Men are evenly divided, while 56 percent of women view him favorably. “Cuomo recently said, ‘I plan to run for a fourth term.’ Less than a year into his third term, voters don’t think that’s the best idea. Democrats and New York City voters are closely divided on the subject of a fourth Cuomo run, however, two-thirds of independents, downstate suburbanites and upstaters think he should not run, as do 80 percent of Republicans,” Greenberg said.