*RCC Hospitality and Culinary Arts Center’s offers series of Nutrition and Cooking Lessons for Food Lovers

Time: to
Location: 70 Main Street in Nyack

The RCC Hospitality and Culinary Arts Center announced the debut of its 2023 Food Enthusiast Program, offering a range of culinary and nutrition lessons for food enthusiasts in the community. The highly acclaimed program was named “Best Cooking Class” by Hudson Valley Magazine in their 2022 Best of Hudson Valley competition. Additionally, Chef’s Pencil, a global food publication, ranked RCC’s Culinary Arts program as the 6th best in New York in their top 10 list.

The Center at 70 Main Street in Nyack is hosting the Food Enthusiast Program, which will cover Butchering & Knife Skills, on February 23rd from 6:30 PM to 9 PM. Participants will start the class by enjoying snacks upon arrival and then delve into the art of roasting, braising, soup-making, and stock-making. The highlight of the evening will be the opportunity to learn how to properly butcher a whole chicken and pork tenderloin.

To register, visit https://sunyrockland.edu/event/food-enthusiast-program-butchering-and-knife-skills/. For questions, contact the Nyack Hospitality and Culinary Art Center’s director, Mark Davidoff, at 845-875-7571 or mark.davidoff@sunyrockland.edu.